Vinícius Hoyer

Hi! I identify myself as an front-end developer, but really, giving enough time developers usually can do anything, myself included. I'm currently specialized at front using Vue.js/Nuxt.js. Nice to meet you 😉.

I made this site, mom! 😅

Feel free to send me an email at:

Examples of web stuff I do:

  • Writing accessible sites (there is nothing more accessible than this site 😉)
  • Coding Vue.js Apps like a boss
  • Buying things on Ali Express

Where to find me?

If you wanna find me in social networks, I write some stuff on, also my Twitter is mostly on topic of development complains, and on my Instagram I really just post personal stuff like my piano playing skills or my bad drawings and other hobbies, but if you still wanna follow me, feel free 🙂. But be warn, most of my content are on Portuguese, that said, I do try to keep my texts friendly to google translate, like don't abbreviating stuff and using not a lot of slangs.

Actually if you want to find me anywhere, I try to be "vhoyer" everywhere, where I can't be "vhoyer" I try being "viniciushoyer" which is almost guaranteed to be available, except if someone wants to pull a prank in me 😂. In fact, I think I'm the only "Vinícius Hoyer" there is out there. And if there is another one, I'm no doubt the more pretentious 😉.

5 facts about me

I've been told this is great for click baiting people into reading your text, so here am I.

  • I study Japanese a lot, like as a hobby;
  • I know how to play piano and guitar, I just don't do it very well;
  • I'm writing this list just to try ranking higher on SEO, sue me;
  • I once recorded a let's play Minecraft video; and... Ah! I know:
  • I've broken my arms 3 times as a child.